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Barefoot Camper Hire Rental Agreement

Terms & Conditions 

The below information contains a summary of some of the rental conditions for Barefoot Camper Hire. Refer to the rental agreement at vehicle collection for the complete Terms and Conditions.


Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm
8:00am to 11:00am
Public Holidays Closed

Note: A fee may be incurred for drop offs, picks ups, and transfers outside these hours from the airport. Please ask us first, as we are usually very flexible.


1. 21 years is the minimum rental age and the maximum rental age is 80 years and the following applies to the entire age group.

2. An international driver's license is required if the license is not in English.


1. The standard bond/excess is $2500.00

2. Bond Option Excess Waiver 1: An additional $17.00 per day with a credit imprint of $900.00

3. Bond Option Excess Waiver 2: An additional $33.00 per day $200 bond credit imprint and $0.00 excess

4. An additional excess of $1000.00 applies for roof damage regardless of the option chosen

5. The minimum rental period for bond option excess waiver 2 is 14 days.

6. A bond is required on all vehicles at time of collection. This is determined by the excess reduction option.

7. Your security deposit can be paid by credit card. The credit card holder must be present and able to sign for the vehicle security deposit upon vehicle collection. The cardholder is jointly and severally liable for any damage to the rental vehicle.

8. The security deposit is fully refundable provided the vehicle is returned on time, undamaged, in clean order, with a full fuel tank and to the right location.

9. Failure to return the vehicle clean and with all items listed on the signed form undamaged or without a full tank or to the wrong location will incur a fee which will be advised upon return of the vehicle.

10. Where there is a pick up off site the bond must be pre-paid.


1. The renter is responsible for the excess of the cost of damage to the rented vehicle or third party property, including, towing, recovery costs, theft, fire, break-in or vandalism.

2. This also includes the cost of the daily rentals for the period the vehicle is off road for accident repairs.

3. The excess is applicable regardless of who is at fault and must be paid at the time the accident report is completed, not at the completion of the rental. The excess will be refunded if we are successful in recovering all the cost of the damages from the third party.

4. Please note that insurance claims can take months to resolve. The excess applies in respect of each claim, not rental.

5. All damage covered is forfeited if the terms and conditions of the rental agreement are breached.


1. Rentals on the East Coast are to the area between Adelaide in South Australia and Cape Tribulation (north of Cairns) in Queensland that is within 500kms of the East Coast.

2. You can apply at the time of booking or before pick up to have the above area amended to meet your specific needs; however travel outside this area is at the sole discretion of Barefoot Camper Hire.

3. Travel outside the outside east coast area is permitted when approved as per your rental agreement. Additional fees may apply. eg areas include; Western Australia, Northern Territory, Mt Isa, Bourke, Broken Hill and Alice Springs.


1. Vehicles must be kept on sealed roads at all times. (Tar, Asphalt and Concrete).

2. All vehicles may only be driven on recognised roads as shown on maps.

3. Driving on unsealed roads up 1000 metres to a camp site or rest area or beach access is permitted.

4. All insurance and refundable money is waived if the above conditions are breached. Any damage and/or recovery costs are the responsibility of the renter.

5. East Coast travel of Australia only, unless authorised.


1. All repairs must be authorised by Barefoot Camper Hire prior to any repair work.

2. Repairs will be approved provided the renter was not directly responsible for the damage.

3. Barefoot Camper Hire will reimburse you for expenses incurred for any authorised repairs as long as receipts can be presented.

4. We will not accept any responsibility for hotel or motel charges, meals or out of pocket expenses, in the case of breakdowns or for any lost days, but we will reimburse lost days hire.

5. Note all our camper vans are serviced every 10,000km. We will arrange for the camper van to be serviced at our cost, but you will have to be without the use of camper van for the time taken to service.

6. If you travel beyond this distance without Barefoot Camper Hire consent and you breakdown we will not be responsible for any loss of days hire or accommodation or meal charges or out of pocket expenses.


1. Available in all states.

2. Air conditioning, radio, GPS, DVD player not working is not regarded as a breakdown and there will be no reimbursement for these items not working.

3. Please note that GPS may not always give the correct route.


All our camper vans are fitted with Etags for your convenience, we will charge at the end of hire cost of tolls, plus a $7.70 handling administration fee.


We reserve the right to charge the renter an administration fee for any traffic or parking infringements. You must inform Barefoot Camper Hire in the event of an accident at the earliest possible opportunity and no later than 24 hours.


On pick up of the camper van our staff will provide a complimentary consultation. This includes an explanation of where everything is and how to use them.


We only accept master and visa cards and there will be a merchant fee of 2% of the total hire.


All credit card transactions are conducted in Australian dollars, due to exchange rate fluctuations there could be some variance in the amount refunded compared with the rate initially charged. We will not accept any liability for this.


1. (Item A) Insurance does not cover:

  - submersion in water

  - contact with salt water

  - creek or river crossings

  - driving through flooded areas

  - beach driving

2. Personal belongings are not covered. We recommend the renter does not leave valuables in the vehicle and should take out personal insurance.

3. Breach of Rental Agreement terms. The renter will be responsible for the total cost of any damage. This will include any damage caused by wilful conduct e.g. sitting or standing on the bonnet or roof of the vehicle.

4. Bogged Vehicles - The renter will be responsible for the cost to retrieve or recover a vehicle, which has become bogged.

5. Incorrect use of fuel - The renter will be responsible for any associated cost if fuel is used incorrectly (fuel being diesel or petrol) Includes any associated costs related to the incident.

6. Under body damage or overhead damage is not covered by insurance, regardless of excess package taken, if caused by item A.

7. The cost to replace keys which have become lost or retrieval of keys which have been locked in a vehicle.

8. Any damage caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

9. The vehicle rented may only be used to legally carry the amount of passengers allowed.

If more passengers are carried than allowed Barefoot Camper Hire does not accept any responsibility.

10. Drivers not identified on the rental agreement and/or drivers that do not have a current open licence.


1. External awnings are not covered by insurance.

2. The renter is liable for all costs associated with repair or replacement of the awning.

3. Awnings must be wound closed at night and in windy conditions.


The renter is responsible for any recovery costs that was incurred through negligence regardless of the insurance excess. Barefoot Camper Hire is not responsible for any breakdowns.


A rental period of hire is based on a calendar day basis.


Should the camper van be booked be unavailable for use through an unforeseen circumstancess, Barefoot Camper Hire reserves the right to replace the vehicle with an alternative vehicle with no prior notification. This shall not constitute as a breach of contract and does not entitle the renter a refund.


A cleaning charged will be imposed in the situation where the vehicle has not been returned in a reasonable condition which is at manager’s discretion.


Barefoot Camper Hire will not honour any calculation mistakes and/or errors. Should a calculation mistake and/or error happen, Barefoot Camper Hire will charge for the short fall or will refund the overcharge.


The cancellation charges are as follows:

1. Cancellation up to 25 days before pick up will result in a $200.00 fee.

2. Cancellation from 24 days to a week before pick up 20% of Gross Rental.

3. Cancellation 6 days to 1 day before pick up will result in a 50% of Gross Rental.

4. Cancellation on day of pick up or not showing up to the agreed location will result in a 100% of Gross Rental.

5. Refunds will not be given for any unused rental days if the campervan is returned early.


If there is no alternate campervan available our liability is limited to a refund of the hire or in the situation of a mechanical failure (unless caused by the renter), for the remainder of the hire period.


Animals are not allowed in the camper vans.


The rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


1. Illustrations and text in any of our brochures, websites, and/or documentation, are subject to change. Images are a representation only of the vehicle depicted.

2. Improvements to the vehicle designs, substitutions, and/or modifications may result in the variance of the vehicles.

3. All vehicle specifications, layouts, and contents are subject to change without notice, and due to modifications and/or upgrades may vary.

4. Barefoot Camper Hire cannot be held liable or responsible for such variances.

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