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What to Do

When you visit the Gold Coast, make sure that you try all the fun attractions and activities that the Gold Coast is famous for. Whether you spend the day at one of our world famous theme parks, get back to nature bushwalking or hiking through our spectacular state forests or just spending lazy sunny days on our world class beaches...the Gold Coast has something for everyone!

Places To Hike

Binna Burra | Border Ranges | Lamington National Park

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Binna Burra is situated in the World Heritage Listed Lamington National Park in the Border Ranges and only a short distance from the Gold Coast. There is 200 square kilometres of subtropical rainforest and over 150km of graded walking tracks. The forest is dense with 100s of flowering plants, tall trees, shrubs, vines, creepers, native herbs, grasses, orchids, and lillies. Keep your eye out a strangler fig overtaking a host tree. This place has a little something for everyone. Caves, waterfalls, trees, lookouts, cliffs, walking tracks, native wildlife, creeks, and swimming holes.

Just remember to play it safe and talk to the forest volunteer before hiking a track. Some places are really isolated and help can be a long way away. After rain there can be another type of parasite, leeches. So remember to salt some table salt with you, and sprinkle some on the leech if it gets on your shoe.

O'Reilly's | Green Mountains | Lamington National Park


O'Reilly's is also situated in Lamington National Park and you can stay at the Green Mountains camper area. There are 10 numbered campervan sites that are not powered. Be sure to book online to guarantee a place, or over-the-counter permits can be purchased.

The campervan sites are on a grassy slope that overlook the beautiful McPherson Ranges.

O'Reilly's has a number of short walks to beautiful waterfalls, natural pools, caves, and lookouts. There are also a number of amazing day hikes that access remote terrain with really unique flora and fauna.

Be sure to play it safe and chat to the forest volunteer before walking a track. Some places are in the middle of no where and help can be a far far away. After a shower or rain there can a lot of leeches. So remember to some table salt, and sprinkle some on the leech if it gets on your shoe.


Places To Explore

Noosa Everglades | Cooloola Recreational Area | Great Sandy National Park

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Canoe and explore the stunning Noosa Everglades in the Cooloola Recreational Area which is part of the Great Sandy National Park. The park cover 56,600 hectares and contains an amazing array of plants, trees, wildlife, fish, and birds. If camping at one of the campsites be sure to put away all your food. Bandicoots, goannas, and bush turkeys have been known to have a feast on people's much needed supplies.

Canoes are available for hire and boat tours go up to a certain point in the river. It is a must see for everyone local or from afar.

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